A Tour Of Riverford Organic Farms

Riverford Organic Farm is a large farm based on Wash Farm in Buckfastleigh, Devon but it's not the only one. It incorporates organic farming and organic horticulture at every level of its processing. Not only that but they consider the environment around them and their carbon footprint every step of the way.

They grow their own vegetables at locations around the country. What started as a concept from their very own farm, now incorporates four farms across England, Yorkshire, Hampshire, Peterborough and of course Devon. Together they sell a range of products that are termed organic vegetables, organic meat and organic fruit. They are sold in simple to order formats, both with meals in mind, as well as variety enabling you not only to cook one recipe but many from one easy order.

Riverford offer meat & veg boxes, vegetable boxes, meat boxes, fruit boxes, salad boxes and in each category there are several sizes and weights to choose from and prices differ too. The award winning organic farm set up has been nominated for a variety of competitions in the past, and most recently won the Best Organic Retailer at the Soil Association's Natural and Organic Awards 2013, and in previous years has won the Farmer of the Year Award 2012, Best Online Retailer 2011 in the Observer Ethical Awards and an RSPCA Good Business Award 2011.

But how do they do it? Quite simply they grow the majority of their own organic vegetables. They work under strict guidance from the Soil Association certification body and all their food is organic and home grown bar the obvious like bananas. But everything from meat to eggs and carrots is farmed and grown in an organic manner.

Organic Farms And Riverford Franchising

As with any great idea a business needs people who believe in it and the concept. The first approach is to get the public on board. Being organic, Riverford thinks big but also has to think of their imprint after the vegetables have grown. The public are interested and Riverfood is now a commodity in demand. In tandem with the growth they are experiencing they need fellow operatives to go out into the world and spread the organic word and especially the offerings of meat and vegetables and vegboxes that Riverford have to offer.

They enable franchisees to work on their behalf for a cut of the business profit. If you are interested in selling Vegboxes, starting your own organic farm or wish to market Riverford further afield call them on 01803 762 015.